How about using a camera lens as a cup?


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I hope you are all well. I found this amazing website called ‘I want one of those’ also known as IWOOT where they sell some amazing, quirky , unique products. I was looking for a gift for my friend who is also an ICT teacher. She loves photography. I thought this gift would be well received as she has the same sense of appreciation for unique ideas and creative products. So I went ahead and got her this cute cup which looks exactly like a camera lens! How cool is that?

Check the video out HERE in HD to see the products or watch it below.


I hope you have enjoyed this video and do check the website out HERE if you would like to see their other gifts.

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I am going to use this post to post my two videos on birchbox. I am writing this post today and finally I am up to date with it all now.

I have subscribed to birchbox since last year October and so far I am really enjoying receiving my boxes every month. So here are my views about them.

Birchbox November 2015
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Birchbox February 2016

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Wowcher Revlon Nail polish

Another re-post:-


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Here is another quick video to show you the colours in this fantastic deal from Wowcher. You get 10 Revlon nail varnish for only £12- RRP £64.90 so you save over 80%! I bought this and decided to do an unboxing video and swatch them for you.

If you have these colours, let me know how you like them. Personally, I think the glittery red and white do not suit my skin tone at all. I particularly like the gold one, it is amazing. The other colours are quite nice. The one which is like nail colour is also pretty cool.

Anyway watch the video to see the nail polish and do not forget to click like if you liked the video and subscribe.
You can watch video below or click HERE to watch in HD on youtube.

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Organising my Kitchen Cabinet



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This is a re-post from another blog I had. I had some issues with my previous blog since there is another person with the same blog name and it became too complicated. I also decided to use my existing online name ‘tassycrafty’ as it makes more sense. This will enable my friends and subscribers to find my vlogs much easier.

So the post was a few years back but I decided to keep it as it was.

“I am finally able to pay some attention to this blog. I have moved in a two bed flat in a nice quiet area since April 2012. It is called a flat but really, it is the ground floor of a split house. I have access to the back garden and have seperate entrance as well. I really like my new place, which is not so new anymore as I have grown to feel at home again.

I am a busy full time cover supervisor, which means, I take up lessons when the subject teacher is away. My previous job, was a learning support, where I had a timet table and I knew exactly which lesson I will be in daily and which student I will be supporting. But new job, CS, which I have not been doing since last october, is more challenging in the sense that I do not have a time table. I have to go in in the morning, and not knowing which lessons I would be having. While I did find it a bit daunting at first, I am now used to this and quite enjoying the whole experience. Eventually I would like to teach again, and have a time table and my own class.

I like the idea of a time table. And in my house , I like to have everything in its place as much as I can. It is very hard to keep everything organised since I am busy and most evenings, I like to chill and not worry about house chores or putting things away. So it is very important to have a ‘house’ for everything. I do not always follow my own rules, that is to put everything exactly where it belongs but when they already have a house, sorting my room is really easy, as it takes only seconds to then put things where they belong.

Anyway, here is a video about how I organised my kitchen cupboard. I live in a small flat so my kitchen spaces are not very big so I had to figure out how to maximise my space. I hope this will come in handy to anyone with small space available.

You can watch it HERE in HD on youtube or you can watch it below:-

Please leave a comment about your organising tips. I would love to read them. Thank you.

NB: Now we are in 2016 and I am not a full time teacher. It was really strange reading this post as it facinates me how people move on to different things in their lives.



Hello and welcome to my new blog!

I have lots of ideas for this new blog and I hope you will enjoy reading and I also hope you will find many inspirations here. This blog, unlike my other craft blog which you can visit HERE , will cover many aspects of my life such as interior designs/decor, reviews about products which also will be house related cleaning products I find amazing, hauls ( could be anything from food, to clothing, to fabulous finds), and many many more.

So this blog will hopefully inspire people with different interests.

So, let’s see how it goes.

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